Contact info: 727-365-0308 or VRvisionPhoto@gmail.com 

Hi my name is Val Ritter. I'm based out of  Tampa Bay area , but will travel anywhere in the world to shoot your destination wedding , engagement or family portraits.I usually spend summers working in Europe. I am easy going and very flexible. I'm there to help you to enjoy your day and document it for years to come.

I love what I do! There's no such a thing as an non-photogenic person. People that feel they don't look good in pictures just didn't have the right photographer ! My gift is to make people look good in the pictures and capture real moments. I know all the tricks to make you look good in photos.

I try to be creative with every shoot to make it unique. The same with editing my pictures. I love to edit it different in most flattering way for my clients. My style is unique, clean, fun and colorful. I love to make pictures look like they belong in the magazine, and n they do :) I have been published in multiple fashion and wedding magazines and covered Fashion week in LA.

You gonna have a large variety (hundreds) of artistic , color and black and white images. Please let me know what kind of editing slyle you prefer snd I'll make sure you have plenty of those type of images.

I am available for all types of photography from weddings to comercial , all events and even trip documentation/vacation photography . Let me know of any questions you may have.

Hope to hear from you soon, if you want to get more info on me, look me up on the facebook under Val Ritter and my bussiness page VRvision Photography. See you there!


"Make Every Picture Your Favorite Picture "